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Take a TIME-OFF. Go on a TRIP. Buy your TICKETS, secure a TRANSPORT, book Motorcycle & Camp TOURS, or just TAKE-OFF. Welcome to Travel Concierge.

Professional Attention

Travel Concierge.ph is an affiliate of Enable Hospitality, a hotel management company responsible for operating boutique hotels in the Philippines. You can expect personal and professional courtesy as if you were a hotel guest. That’s the the way it should always be – your travel needs at the center of every interaction.

Special Offers

Ask for special offers, who knows, you might buy the holiday package, hotel, ticket or tour that you want at marked down sale prices. Because you are dealing with a face-to-face agency, there is that chance that you can charm your way to a discount from travel associates… the kind that you cannot get through on-line platforms.


Though you get instant confirmation in every booking, you are given time through “option dates” to confirm and pay for your reservations. You can even pay securely only through our convenient pay by e-mail service, available for credit card or paypal payments.

Holiday Packages

Ride Along Motorcycle Tours Philippines (RAMTP) is owned and operated by Travel Concierge Ph. High displacement cruiser motorcycles are used in the packages starting and ending in Manila. Brat-tracker motorcycles are used in the itineraries starting and ending in featured regional locations. Ride specialists will take you through pre-ride briefings and the whole motorcycle tour itineraries. All runs are covered with Travel insurance. Check another adventure activity in your bucket list. Book a motorcyle tour. Let’s ride!

3 Ways to Join a Ride Along Motorcycle Tour

Be a Back Rider

If you do not know how to ride a motorcycle, you can participate as a back rider driven by an experienced rider. You get to enjoy the ride and the scenery.

Solo Rider on Assigned Bike

Solo riders who do not have bikes are assigned cruiser motorcycles that they can competently handle and are required to pass the test rides before the actual date of the ride along itinerary.

Joiner (owns a motorcycle)

Riders who own 400cc or higher displacement motorcycles can also join a ride along tour using their motorcycles as a joiner. Joiners are escorted and given pointers how to ride in formation.

Ride Along Motorycle Tour Packages

Plan your motorcycle ride ahead, whether you’re riding as a group or solo we definitely have something for everyone!

Camping is an exciting way to travel. It is also affordable. Camping vacations mean you get to explore and experience destinations before it gets too crowded or overly developed. These destinations can be secluded beach coves, islands, spring, lakes, waterfalls or something unique and a lot more interesting than your usual hotel+tour holiday. You get to rough it out in the great outdoors with a few comforts of home provided by camp guides. Take your family with you, take away the gadgets, commune with nature and take in a lot of quality time.

We got your Back

Get ready to do a little trekking. Expect to sleep under the stars inside your tents. Have fun cooking outdoors. Live outdoors and learn or hone  a few survival skills. You will get “dirty” but from start to finish, experienced camp hosts will be taking you through the whole camp tour itinerary to make things a lot easier for you.

Escape the Hectic City Life

You work hard all week and you deserve a quiet break. Get out of the city and go on camp vacations. Temporarily break out of your usual modern city comforts, zone out and detach from your high pressure city lives. Once your tent is set-up, take in the great outdoors and leave your worries behind.

Spend Quality Time

Sit around the camp fire or just relax in the camp site and just bond with your family and your friends. Spend meaningful quality time and enjoy the outdoors. Nothing beats taking the off the beaten path with families and friends. Make every minute count.

CampTour Packages

Planning to go somewhere? We can help you find ideal fares within your budget. 

Car Hire

If you are planning a road trip outside of Manila, on business or leisure, you can take advantage of the exclusivity our service cars can provide. Avoid the hassle of driving to and from your target destination. Stop where you want and when you want it.

Drop off & Pick-up

Book a drop off or pick up from or to airports, seaports, bus terminals, hotels and offices in Metro Manila. This service is also available in select locations outside of Metro Manila. Inquire now and get the information that you need.

Business Meetings & Sales Calls

If you are in Metro Manila for business or sales meetings that require you to hop from one area to another within a day or a number of days, the most practical solution to deliver productive meetings and appointments would be hiring a service car. Your planned itinerary will dictate the cost of the service.

Out of Manila Road Trips

If you are planning a road trip outside of Manila, on business or leisure, you can take advantage of the exclusivity our service cars can provide. Avoid the hassle of driving to and from your target destination. Stop where you want and when you want it.

Car Hire Packages

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