Baguio – 2D/1N


Life is a Motorcycle, it is exciting, worth trying, adventurous, but most of all, you control it! Just like life, a bike needs the proper balance. Knowing when to speed up and slowdown is essential in enjoying the ride. Stopping once in a while to gaze at nature and see the view is what makes the journey beautiful.

Baguio City is gifted with a rich cultural heritage, and a number of tourist attractions and destinations.

And one of the many things you will enjoy in this ride is the gushing cold wind in your face as you cruise along a speeding highway.

Part of the Ride Along Adventure is the pit stops. Expect to eat in small eateries or side streets while refueling or taking a break. Whether you are a biker, a back-rider, or even a first timer, so as long as you have that yearning for great adventures, you can be part of this liberating experience. You get to enjoy the journey up-close, unlike a coach or van tour, you are in the forefront. You get to see, feel and smell the adventure

Foremost in the objective of Ride Along is the promise of an adventure. This begins with safety. All Ride Along sessions are insured. Participants are provided with helmets and riding safety gears. A special back-up sweeper vehicle with a trailer is also available on long rides.

At the end of every tour is a holiday experience waiting for you. Expect that with Ride Along Motorcycle Tours, you will have the best moments of your life. From the briefing, down to the tour destinations, you are sure to have a grand adventure

Ride Along is not just a stress relief, it is a fresh new adventure that breaks you free from your worries.

Being in an open highway, riding along the beautiful scenery and feeling the great and even the bad weather in a bike is something that is very exciting. The memories of tours like these are surely worth keeping.


Rate Packages


Rates are quoted on per person basis. Valid until December 31, 2018.

Yamaha XVS 400 $125 $199 $219
Kawasaki KZ1000P $170 $244 $264
Yamaha XVS 1100 $198 $272 $292
Kawasaki VN 800C $170 $244 $264
Royal Enfield RE C500 $218 $292 $312
Kawasaki VN 6505 $241 $315 $335
Royal Enfield REH 410 $195 $269 $289
Royal Enfield REH 410 $195 $269 $289
Motorstar MSTAR 400 $105 $179 $199
Suzuki 150CC $42 $116 $136
Rusi 125CC $45 $119 $139
Rusi 150CC $49 $123 $143
Rusi 175CC $49 $123 $143


Self Driven Bikes

  • Route and Itinerary Instructions
  • Rider Gear
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gas and Toll Fees are subject to additional charges

Self Driven + Guide

  • Route and Itinerary Instructions
  • Rider Gear
  • Travel Insurance
  • Guides Service Fee, Travel Insurance & Bike
  • Exclusive of Riders Accommodation at any preferred hotel.
  • Guide’s Gas & Toll Fees are subject to charges 

Back Rider

  • Route and Itinerary Instructions
  • Rider Gear
  • Travel Insurance
  • Guides Service Fee, Travel Insurance and Bike.
  • Exclusive of Riders Accommodation at any preferred hotel.
  • Guide’s Gas, Toll Fees and Accommodations are subject to charges


Day 01       

  • 5:45am – 6:15am Meet up and Gear up at Travel Concierge Ph HQ at La Huerta Village Center or at an agreed location.
  • 6:15am – 6:30am Pre-ride briefing by the Spearhead and introduction of Riders
  • 6:30am Take-Off via NLEX
  • 7:45am – 8:30am Breakfast Stop at the End of NLEX.
  • 11:00am ETA and check-in at Baguio Hotel. Free and easy the rest of the day.

Day 02        

  • 7:00am – 9:00am Breakfast
  • 9:00am – 12:00nn Free and Easy
  • 12:30pm Take off to Manila
  • 3:00pm – 3:30pm Rest Stop at NLEX.
  • 5:00pm ETA, Travel Concierge HQ at La Huerta Village Center or agreed location. End of Ride. Socials.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Rates are quoted on per person per bike basis. Subject to 12% e-Vat.
  2. Must have a valid driver’s license with restriction 1 & 2.
  3. Waivers must be signed.
  4. Self – driven bikes for Solo ride must pass the 1 hour test ride. Fee is $24.
  5. Rates valid from 01 April 2017 to 31 December 2018.
  6. Participants must be in jeans, jackets and ready to get wet. Shades and 2 pieces of bandanas are required.
  7. Self – driven bikes for solo rider will take care of their own gasoline & toll fees.
  8. Ride along tours motorcycle tours reserves the right to postpone due to bad weather. Confirmed and paid bookings can be re-scheduled on another date.